31 October 2010

happy birthday odiey!!

lg bape minit nk msuk bln 11..so disini, sy ingin mngmbil kessempatan tuk wish besday to beloved frens for ever..Ooodiey!!!!!!
*org dh wish besday to odiey midnight smlm via fb n sms k...tp ntry ni terlmbt sket.hehe

bertarikh 31october 19_ _, seorg baby pompuan tlh slmat dielahir.diberi name nur fauzianie roslan..wah, mcm nk crite sejarah hidup oodiey la plak kan..

anway.. to oodiey,

  • happy birthday to you
  • may God bless u
  • smoga sntiasa sukses lam hidup
  • happy slalu
  • fren forever k..
sory x dpt smbut suprise besday party smlm..

*bnci tau tenet ni.lembap.nk upload pix pon x bley..emo skejap..hehe

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