01 September 2014

Premium Beautiful

Tonight i'm going to talk introduce to you a ready-in-market beauty product. It is called 'Premium Beautiful Corset'.

The corset is designed purposely 70% for Healthy & 30% for Beauty with the lifetime warranty. There are so many benefits by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset and it worth every single cents.

     picture credit to cikcida.com

Why premium beautiful?

  • Reduce body weight as it helps to distribute fat layers to all parts of the body evenly 
  • Help to set breasts to the right positions
  • Reduce back pain and pain due to slip disc
  • Suitable to be used during confinement and for nursing mothers
  • Reduces cellulite and stretch marks on the skin
  • Removes toxin from the body system
  • Improves skin condition
  • Good for people with piles or hemorrhoids
  • Reduces the pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Suitable to be worn during exercise 
  • Good for people who have migraine

A set of premium beautiful consists of LONG BRASSIERE, WAIST NIPPER and LONG GIRDLE.


  • Unique 3-piece dimensional cup design to push up, support and firm up breasts.
  • Steel wire provides firmness and support effectively.
  • Frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness design helps to flatten stomach and elevate breasts.
  • Sculpts, reshapes and supports body contour by soft double helix wire.
  • Bi-layer compression and tightness design that reshapes the back to an attractive contour.
  • Delicate “U” shaped design to sculpt a sleek back line.
  • Decorative diamond butterfly pattern further enhances the elegance of the product.
  • Slimming with 3 pairs of hook-and-eye.


  • Supports waist and spine with 7 alloy steel to correct postures.
  • Pushes fat from waist to breasts and hips by unique ergonomic design to achieve waving contour.
  • Reshapes waist line with imported waistband from Japan.
  • Stretchable design helps to achieve expanding effect.
  • Slimming with 3 pairs of hook-and-eye.
  • Decorative diamond butterfly pattern further enhances the elegance of the product.


  • 32-piece dimensional design reshapes fat by sectional compression.
  • Unique buttock-cup design to lift and firm sagging buttocks effectively.
  • Reshapes thighs and buttocks to a contour line by pushing fat to the buttock-cup.
  • Cotton waistband shapes and slims waistline.
  • Decorative diamond butterfly pattern further enhances the elegance of the product.
  • Fixed waist panel flattens stomach.
  • Bi-layer compression design sculpts the inner and outer thighs for sleek effect.
  • Bi-layer mixed cotton mesh material at intimate part for comfort and no heat-trapping.
  • Stretchable lace to prevent roll-up and unnatural thigh line
pictures and info credit to hai-o marketing 

There are still lots of info that I will share to you in the next entry regarding to Premium Beautiful Corset. my experience. how to measure. how to wear it.

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